Africa seems to be developing, but its only on the surface!


‘Never underestimate the power of stupid people in Large crowds!’#SouthAfrica on my mind. Some of my greatest friends in the world are South Africans! and they are great people! We shot @Silverrainmovie partly in SA and it was an awesome experience. We worked with great human beings like @Chumani Pan, who plays ‘mark’ an awesome talent; we did this with the strong belief that Africans need each other and that we need to begin to explore what unites us #panafricanism!

I will support the call to boycott all South African products simply because we have to show our brothers and sisters that we need each other and also help give strength to the momentum of the majority! The silent majority South Africans who are dying inside because of this senseless act and who will suffer for it for decades!

As a continent, we move 1 step forward and 10 steps back! This situation represents many African situations, make no mistake. We seem to be developing on the surface, but we all have deep issues below our surface that we need to pay attention to! Implosions forces us to look at them sometimes…

The mind of a generation – why Christmas day was such a sad day for me!



To some degree, it was the normal thing to do on a Christmas day. I had first seen the advert of INTO THE WOODS a couple of months back and had promised my daughter we would see it on the first day of release. Purchasing the tickets with half of my family, we were told tickets were almost sold out, and like the little girl who got the last cookie; my excitement went up a notch!

I wasn’t too sure at first how to react to the song that bellowed from Cinderella. The movie is a potpourri of quite a number of fairy tales you see. Artistically blended with just the right amount of originality to make it interesting to sit through for two hours! I kept remembering how I had been warned making my own film recently, not to go beyond the ninety minute mark.

My first sign of discomfort came when the narrator, describing the family of Cinderella, described them as beautiful on the outside, but BLACK at heart? Hmmm… I wondered uncomfortably if my daughter and nephews had dutifully stored that little piece of information away just as subconsciously as they must be storing away all the unique form of messaging that forms us into adults that we become, no matter what race or continent you are from.

It may be my writing sense that has always made me notice and feel the little things that no one else seems to pay attention to; very often, to my own annoyance and to the exasperation of others. My mind wanders off a lot you see… by this time, I am noticing that we are half way though the movie, and I haven’t noticed any BLACK person as yet. Well, I thought, ‘you really can’t blame the film makers, these are WHITE FAIRY TALES!’ I grew up on these stories, right in line with the rest of the world. They always describe skin as white as snow or milk and cherry red lips that accompany flush cheeks. Some things are just that way! Like me reading recently about a certain someone protesting against a BLACK JAMES BOND! Some things are just that way, you know… why blame the messenger!

STORIES SHAPE OUR WORLD AND INFORM OUR PERCEPTIONS. Take it from someone who makes a living ‘telling people stories!’ As a filmmaker, I appreciated a film beautifully made. Meryl Streep was at her best. The makeup, by god! Costumes, etcetera, etcetera…
Art that has taken generations to build! It takes patience, planning, tears, dedication to the craft, and a dedication to doing things right, over and over again. As I sat there, I struggled to come up with competing vivid folklores from my part of the world… not one came to mind. Not one!

Images, images, images! Images that fill my universe and direct my Art are all white, beautiful, excellent images. Images that generations have spent time shaping for the next generation. And as those beautiful images rolled across the screen, perfected and delivered by talented artist dedicated to their craft, and delivered par-excellence, another generation is born. Another generation of people calved… and amongst them, was my beautiful black daughter, who within those two hours will not see one beautiful image like herself, and the only reference she has to her, is a black hole.

‘In the woods’ is layered with lessons…. The song at the end says, ‘be careful the things you say, for children will listen; be careful the things you do, for children will learn… be careful the wishes you make, for they are children… I am having a child this very moment…

Silver Rain, testing the limits that the human spirit can go…



Dare we strive to become better than who the world thinks we are and ought to remain? when a girl decides to fight for her place in society, she sets into motion a war… A class war!–2/x/1837312 @silverrainmovie

Six years ago, I met a “kayayo”street girl in Accra (these are ‘human trucks’ in the markets of Accra – helping shoppers carry their goods). I was so intrigued by her and her story, that I spent the next years learning more about this phenomenon. This is where she led me. This is a Pan-African movie, Casting from 5 African countries. A story about class wars, love, and the strength of the human spirit from the trenches to high places. This story takes you into the belly of Africa like no other…
One of the best ways of engaging the world and bringing light to issues is through story telling. There are many fascinating stories about Africa that are begging to be told. Not only will the world benefit from them, but it is an important path to effecting social good and change. However, African films have unfortunately been plagued by poor quality productions, forming an invincible barrier between the continent’s fascinating stories and the rest of the world. Film funding is virtually non existent. This stifles the art. Despite these barriers though, west Africa, led by Nigeria, still manages to have the second largest film industry in the world! A testament to the tenacity of its people and the richness of their stories. Our goal is to help break down this barrier and take our stories to the rest of the world. In the process, we hope to help open up this beautiful continent to the rest of the world! One of the best ways of engaging people, is through storytelling. Not only does Africa have beautiful stories that the world needs to hear, but this story also focuses on a phenomenal street, market woman from Ghana, who decides to change her life and the life of her community. The resultant class-war that ensues, brings to life the trenches of the market place as opposed to the ‘high places!

Silver Rain, The Pan-African movie of the decade wraps up in SA!


The cast and crew of upcoming Pan African film Silver Rain have arrived in South Africa to wrap up shoots for the final scenes.

The movie is due for release at cinemas early next year and features actors from five African countries, including Eastern Cape-born Chumani Pan.
Other members of the crew include Joselyn Dumas and Elikem Kumordzie from Ghana, Enyinna Nwigwe and Uru Eke from Nigeria, Michael Bonney Bassey from Sierra Leone and Annabel Mbaru from Kenya.

Shooting started in Ghana in August this year, with South African being the last stop before post-production work. This week, they shot some parts of the movie in Johannesburg.

The film follows the love story of Ajoa, a poor girl who meets Bruce, heir of the Timothy fortunes. Their friendship sets into motion a class war as Ajoa struggles to cross the class divide and find love while Bruce struggles to find himself. Together, they must brave turbulent political times as well as the social barriers.

Director and writer Juliet Asante said the idea of having actors from different countries in one film was to showcase the talent from the continent.

“Each country has amazing talent and if we can bring all of them together, we will produce the best production and we can have a big impact on the world stage,” she said.

Pan plays Mark, the lead role’s best friend.

“This has been an amazing experience for me. I enjoyed working with actors from different parts of the continent,” Pan said.

He also added that his role on the movie was of a nice guy who always tried to please people

Kumordzie, who plays the role of Paul – a chief of staff in Ghana – said he had a great time shooting the movie.

The Big Brother star said he was looking forward to its release.

“I had an interesting character. Paul makes sure that everything in Ghana is in order, he likes control.

“On the other hand, in real life, I am a chilled person so playing him was challenging and fun,” Kumordzie.

The makers and actors of the movie will be leaving the country on Friday.

Silver Rain will be released early next year. — poliswap@dispatch. 3


Video On Demand Report on Africa! by the Business Monitor International…


My resent project, Mobilefliks is happy to announce that we made it to the Business Monitor International Report on Video on demand (VOD) in Africa! kindly share this milestone with us and read the report attached…

BMI Report_Riding_The_Broadband_Wave_VOD_Snowballs_In_Africa

Ghana has feet of clay!



Let’s continue to chew on this…

Originally posted on julietasante:

I feel driven to write my thoughts on the game between Ghana and the United States yesterday. I watched the game and like many Ghanians, I still feel the knife curving in my heart still…

I’m having an outer body experience at this moment. Let’s take a step back. As I saw our coach say hi to the German coach, I thought to myself, what an uneven match! I can appreciate this, because I have sat in classes in the first world country, where appreciating the fluid minds of classmate is key to your survival.

For the first time in our history, we have given the highest honor on the pitch to one of our own. This was a big risk and a big opportunity. Our problem though, is to not recognize the limitations we might have to deal with, and the patience we will need to exercise to achieve…

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