The beautiful art of Tapestry…

Gosh, I will miss these guys… today we attend our last Mason meeting. I remember exactly one year ago when I sat in that room for the first time with all these people from over 40 countries. Many of them from countries a world apart from my own in every sense and I remember thinking to myself “gosh, will I remember how to pronounce these strange names!” One year later, not only can I mention their names, I will probably be visiting quite a number of them in their countries in coming years…. One of the extraordinary things about my year here, has been listening to and understanding so many different perspectives and realizing what a diverse and rich world we live in. It is a shame when we don’t as a world, explore this richness whenever we can and understand and accept that it is this that makes us so great as a specie… I have certainly become a better person because I realize that me, and the little country I come from Ghana, is a minute part of such large tapestry and looking at the bigger picture is so much more beautiful than just our piece…


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