I’m sitting in the dark and I’m thinking of the two great people I spent most of my day with today… This gentleman is awesome and he makes me laugh. As we sit at Preet coffee, his laughter fills the air and several times I could see people turn when we both laughed with such abandon.  We discussed some of the amazing classes we took together and what we may be doing after and I said to him, don’t ever change, you are awesome.  Sometimes you need people in your life that can just laugh with you

As we bid each other bye for now, my other friend walks in…  oh boy, we were set to meet for about an hour as we both had dinner dates. Suffice it to say we kept other people waiting for a long time regrettably.  We talked about uncertainty and the importance of being different, the need to enjoy the confusion and why it is a privilege to allow oneself to feel that, the audacity to fail and the wonder of our foolishness. The importance of having someone or people in your life who allow you to exhale in the state of not knowing and why we must continue to stare into the nothing clouds… it was good to spend the evening with a kindred soul and accept our inefficiencies and the not knowing… knowing that we couldn’t live any other way… and so I end my day sitting in the dark, staring into nothingness, because there is nothing else I’d rather be doing…


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