Mobilefliks, movies for your phone. Catch this heart breaking love story now

Great news! watch your first Mobilefliks movie for free right here!

Just click it!
Just click it!

Movies on the go, on your phone…

Mobilefliks is available in Ghana & Nigeria on MTN play and Airtel Money market. Download the app on the google store for your stress free enjoyment!

About us

As market leaders, Mobilefliks brings you quality African movies anytime, anywhere, on your mobile phone. The first of its kind on the market, Mobilefliks are Mobile movies made especially for the mobile phone and to watch on the go during your downtimes. Times that you are sitting on the bus, waiting for a friend, at the saloon, don’t have lights, are eating lunch; you name it. We are giving you a convenient and cost effective source of entertainment. Never have one more dull moment when you could be watching a Mobilefliks. All our stories are less than 10minutes; we bring you love stories, dramas, thrillers, comedy, etc. Whatever you love, there is a Mobilefliks that brings it to you.
Our storytellers and filmmakers have the highest training and are bursting with creativity! We spend a lot of time, thinking through what you will love…

Mobilefliks is moving through Africa. We are now in Ghana and Nigeria through the MTN network and Airtel market. Wherever you are, we will get to you soon. You may also download the App on Google play to watch a movie at the tap of a button on your phone…

AND TELL YOUR FRIENDS ABOUT US! And remember to send us your feedback through the contact us link…


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