Silver Rain, The Pan-African movie of the decade wraps up in SA!

The cast and crew of upcoming Pan African film Silver Rain have arrived in South Africa to wrap up shoots for the final scenes.

The movie is due for release at cinemas early next year and features actors from five African countries, including Eastern Cape-born Chumani Pan.
Other members of the crew include Joselyn Dumas and Elikem Kumordzie from Ghana, Enyinna Nwigwe and Uru Eke from Nigeria, Michael Bonney Bassey from Sierra Leone and Annabel Mbaru from Kenya.

Shooting started in Ghana in August this year, with South African being the last stop before post-production work. This week, they shot some parts of the movie in Johannesburg.

The film follows the love story of Ajoa, a poor girl who meets Bruce, heir of the Timothy fortunes. Their friendship sets into motion a class war as Ajoa struggles to cross the class divide and find love while Bruce struggles to find himself. Together, they must brave turbulent political times as well as the social barriers.

Director and writer Juliet Asante said the idea of having actors from different countries in one film was to showcase the talent from the continent.

“Each country has amazing talent and if we can bring all of them together, we will produce the best production and we can have a big impact on the world stage,” she said.

Pan plays Mark, the lead role’s best friend.

“This has been an amazing experience for me. I enjoyed working with actors from different parts of the continent,” Pan said.

He also added that his role on the movie was of a nice guy who always tried to please people

Kumordzie, who plays the role of Paul – a chief of staff in Ghana – said he had a great time shooting the movie.

The Big Brother star said he was looking forward to its release.

“I had an interesting character. Paul makes sure that everything in Ghana is in order, he likes control.

“On the other hand, in real life, I am a chilled person so playing him was challenging and fun,” Kumordzie.

The makers and actors of the movie will be leaving the country on Friday.

Silver Rain will be released early next year. — poliswap@dispatch. 3



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