Silver Rain, testing the limits that the human spirit can go…


Dare we strive to become better than who the world thinks we are and ought to remain? when a girl decides to fight for her place in society, she sets into motion a war… A class war!–2/x/1837312 @silverrainmovie

Six years ago, I met a “kayayo”street girl in Accra (these are ‘human trucks’ in the markets of Accra – helping shoppers carry their goods). I was so intrigued by her and her story, that I spent the next years learning more about this phenomenon. This is where she led me. This is a Pan-African movie, Casting from 5 African countries. A story about class wars, love, and the strength of the human spirit from the trenches to high places. This story takes you into the belly of Africa like no other…
One of the best ways of engaging the world and bringing light to issues is through story telling. There are many fascinating stories about Africa that are begging to be told. Not only will the world benefit from them, but it is an important path to effecting social good and change. However, African films have unfortunately been plagued by poor quality productions, forming an invincible barrier between the continent’s fascinating stories and the rest of the world. Film funding is virtually non existent. This stifles the art. Despite these barriers though, west Africa, led by Nigeria, still manages to have the second largest film industry in the world! A testament to the tenacity of its people and the richness of their stories. Our goal is to help break down this barrier and take our stories to the rest of the world. In the process, we hope to help open up this beautiful continent to the rest of the world! One of the best ways of engaging people, is through storytelling. Not only does Africa have beautiful stories that the world needs to hear, but this story also focuses on a phenomenal street, market woman from Ghana, who decides to change her life and the life of her community. The resultant class-war that ensues, brings to life the trenches of the market place as opposed to the ‘high places!


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