Don’t lower the bar!


This is why I supported and made time to be at the vigil yesterday, albeit for a very short while. We must understand that as a people, the future of our nation is in our hands. The responsibility we have, is not just to self, but to generations unborn. I respect my leaders and expect that they have the capacity to make my country better, which is why I voted and which is why I expect better from them. I would keep quite if I did not think them of any worth to bother about; but then if we think of our leaders of no worth and lower the bar and expectation, what does that say about us as a people.

I must commend the organizers. Leadership is about motivating people to take action that potentially benefits them, and that is what you did! And you did this in some strenuous circumstances, perhaps to your own discomfort and people seeking to sacrifice you on the alter of self low esteem and expectation!

I will not lower the bar for myself. I expect my leader to be my mentor, guard and to make this country better. A country of only 25million. A country of SMART people who make it happen despite the odds. We can do better. Generations before fought before us, don’t drop the mantle for your kids…


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