Is Pan-African filmmaking a way forward?


So, I woke up to an argument on twitter as to whether @silverrainmovie is Nigerian or Ghanaian? A Ghanaian is concerned that Nigerians are describing it as ‘Nollywood’- we want to say that ‪#‎SilveRain‬ is ‪#‎PanAfrican‬ it is cast from 5 countries and shot in 2 with crew from 2 countries. At great expense, but to push forward the belief that we are better off working together. Film is a great initiator of this concept that seems to elude us… To be having this conversation in the first place and to have one of our nominees for AMMA come from SouthAfrica @chumaniPan, is therefore already a win for us. Ghanaians started it off Course and so for that, we take the credit! What are your thoughts? We would love to hear it…


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