SilveRain is now on Amazon Prime!


This is really great news! now you can simply go onto Amazon Prime and watch the movie. On a continent that continues to have huge distribution disadvantages, this is a big step for African film. So the questions is why hasn’t this been done in the past? The answer could range from a gap in good enough quality, to just a gap in a clear path to distribution. Amazon is the most popular film subscription film site in the US. Together with iTunes and GooglePlay, they are what you call ‘Transaction Video on demand’ (TVOD). This means that viewers pay per view.  In the path to distribution, this is a far superior platform to Netfliks or even Hulu. These  are Subscription and advertisement supported VOD. Which means that filmmakers in some instances, my only get a one off fee.  Typically, SVOD should fall at the bottom of the food chain for filmmakers.

Independent Filmmakers continue to face a very difficult path towards distribution, especially in markets that demand named actors and high budgets. Getting a broadcast deal is almost an impossibility for independent filmmakers. Increasingly therefore, VOD is becoming the viable path to significant distribution.

How then can independent filmmakers take advantage of the opportunities that these platforms present? It is with pleasure therefore that as a filmmaker, who has myself been down the path, I am looking forward to opening the door to ‘the business of film’ and what it takes to get distribution through the Black star international film festival. learn more at that takes place every August in Ghana.

To view SilveRain, follow this link


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