Film for social impact: Join us to show Silver Rain in the Markets of Accra

srWe are doing something very exciting this holiday season! We invite you to take the opportunity to be a part of it.

As you know, Silver Rain is about a Kayayo girl who dares to dream and the price she must pay for dreaming. We all hold that one dream in our hearts…

Over 10 years ago, I met this amazing 15 year old street girl, I negotiated to spend 2 weeks with a Lens into her life, she inspired me to go on to write this movie. Hers is a face I will never forget. She came from a family of 40, had traveled to Accra alone to find work at a very young age. When I went with her back to her village, which she had left at about 11, they couldn’t recognize her. 6 months after our meeting, she visited my office, having become pregnant by some boy in the market. This was the last time I was to see her

Silver Rain has gone on to many successes, including a nomination for ‘Best film overall in Africa’ at the last AMVCA. I believe that we are the first Ghanaians to gander this feat. Silver Rain is also now in over 150 countries via Amazon, GooglePlay, Vimeo, etc Silver Rain was also acquired by the Sundance Channel, and is currently showing on 4 airlines; Emirates, South Africa Airways, Air France and Oman Air

this Christmas season, contribute to a kayayo girl’s dream. In collaboration with Black Star International Film Festival Rite telecommunications limited and Eagle Productions ltd , we are showing Silver Rain at the market this December.

This will not only motivate the girls and bring them seasonal cheers, we are also using the opportunity to raise awareness to the conditions they live and work under in the markets.

We invite you to give to charity by contributing to the screenings. All donations will go towards the screening logistics. Full acknowledgement will be given for contributions. No minimal requirements and both individuals and companies are encouraged to give.

We would like to thank Rite Telecommunications Limited for giving the screens and Eagle Productions for the movie. This initiative is by BSIFF.

We need chairs, speakers, generator, refreshment and other logistical support. To donate, notify here or send inbox. You may also donate any amount via mobile money number 0264336323


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