Black Star Int. Film Festival releases a hip bag…

bsiff bag 1

A new hip bag goes to market today! the unique design is a unisex bag that may be worn – whichever way you like it. An announcement on the BSIFF page said ‘We are happy to announce that the BSIFF bag finally goes on sale this week! The BSIFF bag is a multi-purpose, beautiful, durable jute bag that you will not be able to do without after you make your purchase. This bag will last for a life time. Made from authentic jute from Ghana, originally used to package organic COCOA pods used to make chocolate. You may still have a whiff of the cocoa pods in your bag. Red accent thread adds a unique style as well. Definitely one of a kind. Made with love, wear the BSIFF bag in whichever way and up your unique style.

All your purchase goes towards helping the Black Star International Film festival (BSIFF) and so come on and take credit for helping an industry and a continent. You may consider this a social responsibility purchase. We look forward to receiving your contributions.’

The bags are available in selected shops around the city of Accra as the initial release… grab your bag and wear it whichever way you like it. learn more @ – this year’s festival happens between the 18-21 August. You may also call 0262538218 for personal delivery. Cost 50ghc

BSIFF is a non for profit creating global connections through film and helping to bridge the gap between African cinema and the world. The film festival happens in Ghana in August every year.



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