The confusion of Confucius


– This company set up in a very prestigious part of town in broad daylight

– CEO and officials bounce around with top government officials, including Presidents…

– They do business in broad day light, in the perview of the regulators who are to regulate

– Regulators wait for over 3 years and say nothing of the so called illegality happening in broad day light, meanwhile 🀫

– Officials of the regulators themselves invest in the company πŸ€”

– The company lives large, CEO largest! His song is sang as the latest wonder kid on the block ☺️

– Many, including celebrities, top lawyers and business people all jump into his employ… Eyish he even starts a fund πŸ‘πŸΎ

– He seems to invest in many things, including a sector that hasn’t seen any real investment from both public and the private sector

– Billboards abound with celebrities telling you why this is the new Mecca!


– Finally someone wakes up and decides to pay attention – but they decide to do it in the public domain. They start by issuing half hearted- like threats πŸ‘‚ to the company and to Ghanaians… who by now are knee deep in – QUICKSAND πŸ’©

– Regulators do not, in the mean time, seek to take counter measures to mitigate the wrong they now seek to correct, which by the way, happened under their watch in broad daylight

– Reckless public handling and focus, including leaked distin… leads to low confidence – mass withdrawals etc ensue…Albeit too late in the day

– The regulators, aware that the investors will be the hardest hit and yet taking no measures to mitigate fall out, orders a perfectly functioning company to seize trading engagement with the public…

– Things fall apart, the center can not hold

– Other citizens who saw the light where others didn’t, rejoice! Almost seemingly ecstatic and overjoyed that those who invested are the losers

– PHD spirit personified ❀️ – oh but that’s a universal human trait so…😊

…almost gleefully foaming at the mouth with vindicated envy…
…must feel very good to know the so-called good interest they got and which you didn’t get; left a bad taste! 😁 the hand of the almighty leveler came down hard…
…now we are all the same… MANY will think…😊

– and the Regulators remain detached😀… claiming no responsibility whatsoever!

– AFTER ALL GUYS, HOW DARE YOU BE SO GREEDY! Didn’t you see all those banks giving 15% per annum and charging interest rates of almost 30% and over?!
… But oh, those banks are also collapsing ooo! Wait a minute!…

But hang on, it seems genuine Buisness is no longer productive in the country!… with the cost of money, juxtaposed to return on investment, it must have seemed very attractive to let someone else work with your money and give you such great returns!
– smart people may have reckoned, this seemingly brash businessman must have figured out something every one else was missing!

Well, you could have placed your money under the bed! That’s what we used to do in the old days, remember?

LESSON: next time just get dollars and put it down! That will actually be better for the economy!… ( … you think? 🀫)

Especially you that pensioner… I just heard you got a what? Stroke?! 😰 or did the news say stroke of luck?! Have you been paid? πŸ€₯

β€”- at this time of birth, take time to consider the parable of the talents…

– next time, just put your money in a box, dig the ground God gave you and put the money there!… you hear πŸ‘‚ me?





6 thoughts on “The confusion of Confucius

  1. Hello Yaa, My name is Nana Nketia, formally of GBC. I will need your attention on a project. Are you still located behind the tradefair?

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