Ghana as a Co-production hub? and why not?


‘A popular film can increase tourism to a prominent location in the movie anywhere between 25-300%’ – champion traveler

Here are some of the more interesting examples we found:
• Harry Potter – 50% increase in tourism to all filming locations (in some
cities/towns as much as 200%)
• Frozen – 37% increase in tourism to Norway
• The Beach – 22% increase to Thailand
• Braveheart – 300% increase in tourism to Wallace Monument, Scotland
• Mission Impossible 2 – 200% increase to Sydney National Park
• Troy – 73% increase to Canakkale, Turkey

Why are we not seeing such numbers in Ghana? When we have equally beautiful locations and cultures like what we see below?

Film Tourism is an untapped opportunity in Ghana with the potential to bring much needed revenue into our thirsty economy…

Join the Black Star International Film Festival symposium and let’s have a conversation on why Ghana should set itself up as a CO-PRODUCTION HUB!


It is today. 6pm at the The African Regent. To attend, you will have to register at Limited space so register now

Pic credit: Yaw Pare


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