A cry from the people of Ghana to leadership – We are the Black Star of Africa

To the Clerk of parliament

Peaceful walk against rise of private militia in Ghana

Ghana holds an enviable position in the subregion. Stable democracy, sustained economic growth, improvements in our pursuit of the SDGs and a growing international stature.

However, the advent of criminal militias in our politics, enabled by political parties is placing this enviable position at risk and also tarnishing the image of the country internationally.

The people of Ghana will like to place the two political parties on notice: we raise our voices against the trend of private militias and ask that they are disbanded in the shortest time before the 2020 elections.

No individual or group that puts Ghana at the risk of unrest loves Ghana. We need peace to go about our daily activities and to prosper as is our right to do. Ghana already has gaps in development that we need peace to close.

We ask the citizens of Ghana not to vote for any party that doesn’t heed to this call.

The President of Ghana made the same call in his state of the nation address and we – *as citizens* – back this call. We however call on the President of Ghana, Nana Addo Dankwa Akuffo Addo as the father of the nation to do everything to protect the people of Ghana as he has sworn to do by ensuring peace towards the 2020 elections to protect his legacy and the legacy of every leader since independence. We ask the Presidency to deal decisively with the criminal activity and insurgence endangering the wellbeing of this dear nation

We also call on parliament as the second arm of Government to make this a key area of focus and to bring this menace to an end in a month.

Ghana beyond Aid or Ghana beyond anything can not be achieved within a state of unrest. We have seen the results of unrest and war all around us, in west Africa and we the people of Ghana will resist any attempt to take us to the bottom. We will be citizens and not spectators in calling the culpable political parties in Ghana to order.

I as a woman, I am taking this peaceful walk to raise my voice and it is my hope the rest of Ghanaians will act on this fear… in this case, the fear of war, is the beginning of wisdom.

And this is why I walk for Ghana

Your humble daughter

Juliet Yaa Asantewaa Asante


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