Did you know about this amazing opportunity?


My name is Juliet Yaa Asantewaa Asante and I am the Founding President of the Black Star International Film Institute, Organizers of the Black Star International film festival. I have had some questions about the Black Star International Film Festival Membership drive… and so let me explain a bit what it is…

Simply put: pay 20ghc now and attend over 15 events throughout 2019 – subject to terms and conditions, this offer may change towards the festival peak period in August.

Every film festival hosts a number of activities and events within the year focused on a particular time of year. Bsiff is no different. The festival takes place every year in August. Our events range from showing loads of great films, to a music concert, a red carpet awards show, panel sessions and Labs, a film market etc…

We also have off peak events. These are events that happen outside of August and they may include open Air Cinema, Bsiff symposiums, parties etc…

Remember that film festivals are for everyone. Depending on your interest, you might be more interested in one event above another and also depending on whether you are a filmmaker or not. What you need to remember is that film festivals are for everyone – the Corporate or Student and everyone in between…. there is also usually something for the entire family, If you are also looking for quality entertainment for family? Or perhaps you would just like to learn and meet new people. A great platform for that

Our goal this year is to address some of the concerns of access we have had and to focus on providing quality programming for our audiences.

A Bsiff membership offers you and your friends and family stress free, quality and cheap entertainment and learning as well as networking opportunities throughout the year…

You are paying 20ghc for something that may typically cost you between 500-1000ghc… plus there are some benefits that are MEMBERS ONLY

All you have to do is register and pay up to attend the next event. Visit Bsiff.org and look for the membership tap.



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