Missed opportunities – the sad reality… a window for tomorrow

Make no mistake, when we speak, we speak with facts! There is so much Ghana can benefit from this very very low hanging fruit – to create jobs, invite in FDIs etc… see how Tourism to these counties jumped after certain films were shot there… the phenomenon is called ‘film Tourism’ and Ghana can benefit from it too! We have all it takes… or should I say we can have all it takes…

Here are some of the more interesting examples we found:

• Harry Potter – 50% increase in tourism to all filming locations (in some

cities/towns as much as 200%)

• Frozen – 37% increase in tourism to Norway

• The Beach – 22% increase to Thailand

• Braveheart – 300% increase in tourism to Wallace Monument, Scotland

• Mission Impossible 2 – 200% increase to Sydney National Park

• Troy – 73% increase to Canakkale, Turkey

The Black Star International Film Festival continues to create opportunities for industry to engage as well as a platform for all Ghanaians to have meaningful, insightful conversations…

#signupforbsiff19 and become a member. Visit Bsiff.org for more details


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