Have a fun Easter with your family and friends at the BSIFF OPEN AIR CINEMA PICNIC

If you are looking for an event to attend this Easter, please do consider the Black Star International film Festival OPEN AIR CINEMA PICNIC!

It will be a fun day that you may attend with your family or friends… consider it

Bsiff has OFF PEAK EVENTS that happen throughout the year and our PEAK EVENTS happen in August! You may have access to all this for only 20ghc! P333

You can do this by becoming a member for only 20ghc… which case you can attend all our events for the year for free! I have also attached our schedule for our peak events in August for the convenience of your calendar…

To become a member, go to this link and follow the instructions


See you at one of our events. #signupforbsiff

Follow us on our social pages to keep informed


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