The question around quotas and the value in it can not be overemphasized. In as much as we should remain global, there are real concerns around maintaining internal cultural values through local content, as well as real issues around the opportunity for the creation of jobs for the many young people and for which reason we do need to plug this very low hanging fruit!

It is sad that our airwaves are now so filled with Foriegn content that create a false sense of growth in the sector…

There needs to be more collaborations between local producers and broadcasters! This is even more critical as broadcasters and content makers compete in self defeating modes not helpful to the end consumer… and here I speak specifically of Ghana and the degeneration of content available to choose from…

Imagine that all these telenovelas we see were actual collaborations between local producers and broadcasters! There would be more jobs, more growth, more opportunities to explore uncharted territories together and on and on we go!

What exactly is the barrier towards this policy and will we be left behind again!

Nigeria has a 70/30 Quota and now Uganda! Where does Ghana stand on this?

See policy decision below –



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