Today, NAFTI congregates!

On behalf of the Board of the National Film and Television Institute, the administration, the entire student body (NAFTI SRC Nafti Src), all past students and on my own behalf, I say a big congratulations to all students graduating today!

You are graduating at a time when the nation Ghana needs you more than anytime in its history to go out to speak and show your truth! We are confident that your years of training has refined you to do so without fear or Favour…

We hope that you will stay true and follow in the footsteps of those who have come before you and be a shining light to all who will surely come after you.

In a time when our world abound with counterfeit vigilantes, we know that you will show the world, no matter where you find yourself, what true vigilantism and activism is…

You will turn the mirror inward and outward in a way that forces all of us to reflect on the un-washable footprints đŸ‘£ of this generation and all generations before us.

Where those before you have failed, you carry an even bigger burden on shoulders that can never be broad enough, but will ever be resilient enough. YOU ARE ABLE…

Today the sun rises and will not set until your work for mother Ghana is complete… until your work for father Africa is progressed… with hearts and minds steeped in the vision and blood of our forefathers. Go out and make us all proud.

Juliet Yaa Asantewa Asante

Board Chair


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