The Black Star International Film Festival calls on Government to introduce a 30% tax rebate for industry to encourage co-Productions and Ghana as a shooting destination. Detailed research on incentive regimes by the festival on countries around the world clearly points to the critical nature of this call. Without incentives, Ghana can not hope to compete with States like Atlanta, Georgia or countries like South Africa, Morocco, Canada, Singapore – just to mention a few; all of which have tax incentives between 20-50%

Productions coming into Ghana will help create jobs, improve the skill sets of the locals, bring in much needed foreign exchange to help the economy, attract more tourist, emanating from film tourism and many businesses who provide related services to film sets as well as Tourists will benefit greatly. Further bringing bigger value to the economy and people of Ghana. Finally this step will all help impact the brand of Ghana

BSIFF is focused on industry advocacy as a tool to help bridge sectoral gaps. As a Ghanaian festival, we particularly appreciate the gaps in Ghana and continue to advocate for movement on closing the gaps both in sector and Government policy.

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