The Black Star International film festival has facilitated talks between the Nigerian film Commision and Ghana to encourage both countries to work together towards a national treaty and this is an important progress.

As a result of this initiative by BSIFF, Dr. Chidia Maduekwe, the Film Commisioner of Nigeria, was in the country during the festival and talks are already started between the two countries and Government to enhance key areas of collaboration. We look forward to seeing the collaborations that come out of this step and to continue to help facilitate the effort. It is our hope that the two countries may pursue a mutually beneficial film treaty. Both countries can gain huge mutual value from working together more closely, especially in the era of ACFTA

BSIFF is focused on industry advocacy as a tool to help bridge sectoral gaps. As a Ghanaian festival, we particularly appreciate the gaps in Ghana and we continue to advocate for movement on closing the gaps both in sector and Government policy.

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