Why you should be very afraid of every woman after 40

I was almost late for that flight. I was traveling with my 18 year old daughter and we on our way to visit my second parents in Atlanta. I was looking forward to the visit so much and the deep conversations we always had. My ‘mum’ is almost completing her book ‘becoming a dangerous woman’ at that time. You should check it out on Amazon… I am mentioned somewhere in it.

I remember her speaking at a conference a couple of months ago and how she had confidently proclaimed that at her age, she had very little to fear. I immediately grasped what she meant. At her age, she had been there and done all of it… and spit out the bones… besides kill her, how else can you silence a bold, confident woman like Pat Mitchell who could think way ahead of you and remains beautiful both inside and out? but I digress…

On the plane, I sat by this college professor. How did I know?

All The running had made me hot already. But combined with my internal summer, there was certainly an inferno going on. We both quickly understood what was going on and burst into spontaneous laughter and conversation about the female journey. My daughter tells me she could hear us at the back of the plane the entire flight. That makes me cringe but what the hell, the conversation was good.

We talked about the unexpected sweating and all the uncomfortable moments; but we also talked about not having to care so much about ‘what people thought about us any more’ and the freedom that came with that. Off course, not ignoring that society still does everything it can to diminish the female power after 40.

I recently read a joke about how the female body after 40 is something like an amazon forest… everyone knows it is there, but no one wants to go there… well, that’s everyone lose isn’t it. Because there is so much in that forest that is untapped and beautiful and nurturing and creative and juicy and and and …

But I am intrigued about society’s need to put women down; especially after 50. That need can only be birthed out of fear and this is why….

This woman knows what she is about. She has entered the most powerful phase of her existence. Either her kids are grown and away or are on their way to doing that. If she had none, she is probably coming to terms with it or has done so and has decided what her next life will be like most probably. She knows she has done the best she could and has accepted her flaws and wins… she knows and understands her body, she has a accepted her body the way it is, including her flaws and what makes her beautiful and she knows what she wants. She is not afraid to tell a man what’s on her mind. You calling her a bitch or prostitute no longer has any effect. She is thankfully no longer dealing with the monthly passes and the corresponding hormonal and mood changes. She is more able to balance her head and heart. Her Laser focus has shifted from her immediate family to more on her community, the country and the world. She is able to control her sexual desires and who she allows into her lush garden. You can’t sway her with money or empty flattery… she can have deep and meaningful conversations and she has something to show for her achievements…

And from everything we are seeing around the world, 50plus women are the ones who will safe it, whiles the men may still now be wanting to affirm manhoods by chasing women in their 20s and still going after money and things they Shouldn’t be doing because they need to compete with the legon (University)boys…

I called my college daughter today and at the end of the conversation she says to me… mummy, all your chics are now leaving the nest. My answer… yes honey, I am ready for it… just know that I will always be here when you need me. This is an interesting time for me… I can do whatever the f**** I want to do!

I look forward to to entering the next phase of my life… what do you recommend that I do with this gift that life has handed me?

I dedicate this article to every woman past 40 or about to!💃🏾❤️🥰… life just started for you


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