The power of citizens


The Covid19 Citizens Coalition raises over 10,000ghc and this is why it is so special!

The Covid19 Citizens Coalition is a group of citizens who are committed to working together and contributing to fight the COVID-19 menace in Ghana.

The group is guided by two key principles

1. there is strength In Unity. Backed by the African proverb that connotes that when spiders come together, the web they weave can kill a lion!

2. Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country – J.F Kennedy

The group has called on other countries, especially other African Countries to try and emulate this approach. The group has offered to provide support in messaging and Graphics to other countries who may need it

Since it’s formation, the coalition has been growing by the day and has presently raised over 10,000ghc.

The group is very organized and money raised will support the Government’s effort in reaching poor communities that need urgent help.

The group was started by a number of people in the creative sector, but quickly expanded to the Media, academia and other areas, but most importantly to remember that this initiative calls on all Ghanaians. The core group forms the driving team.

Please remember that any citizen can be a member and contribute simply by declaring that they are a member, and sharing the posters of the initiative. Becoming a part of such an altruistic effort at a time of such personal need is very edifying.

At a time when fear has overtaken the world this initiative is important for several reasons.

– it gives people a purpose and helps fight the emotion of helplessness that many people may be feeling at this time. Knowing that you are actively contributing to fight the menace brings a sense of accomplishment

– It creates a connection we all crave at this time of isolation. You are part of a bigger caring group that is actively doing something to help the situation

– The coalition is demonstrating unity and the ability to come together in a time of crisis. Helping people to realize that there is strength in unity

– Everyone can contribute and most people can contribute 5cedis; which is the minimum requirement. This ensures that everyone can feel relevant and understand that responsibility is not only for the rich

– A little effort can go a long way and it is important to love each other and be concerned for the other even when our own situation is threatened

It is the hope of the group that this becomes some of the lessons we take from this awful experience.

Find the group on FB








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