I have over the years come to admire the calm and resilience of the finance minister of Ghana. From my study with the The Aspen Institute which was facilitated by him bringing it to Ghana and Nigeria to his personal show of support to Black Star International Film Festival and in many capacities over the years, I must say that at a time like this, there is no one I would rather have at the wheel!

Below Is an article from him we should I call read…

“There is a lump in my throat as I think of Africa’s predicament. I question the unbalanced nature of the global architecture… the G20 packages may end up close to $8tn. Their generous tool kits are not available to us” – Ghana’s finance Minister Ministry of Finance, Ghana

He continues to write –

What does an African finance minister do now? How can we restore 10-15 per cent of GDP over a two- to three-year period? This is not a passing blizzard, as a friend said; more like a long winter, even a mini ice age.

But there are some structural elements that need fixing; our health sector, digitalisation of the continent to formalise our economies; and Africa’s debt — the most controversial element and the topic of much discussion. Africa’s external debt stock is more than $700bn. Africa needs to pay $44bn to service our debt this year.

THIS AN ARTICLE YOU MUST READ! Follow the link below 👇🏾


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Ps: we patiently and anxiously await your COVID-19 test with you even as we pray for divine mercies! Thank you for sharing this with us


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