Where are the Heroes of Africa!

Standing on my own behalf as the Founding President and on the behalf of the Black Star International Film Festival, I want to say a big congratulations to Heroes of Africa for winning the grand Yaa Asantewaa Odehye award price of $1500.00

Now more than ever, the importance of telling our own stories can not be over emphasized. Our people look to see who we can become and who we have been, through the lens of our filmmakers and we call on filmmakers to think through stories that are representative, elevating, motivating of our people

It is time to tell a new story. Stories that will help not only change our narrative in the global landscape, but show the world who we are as a people, our unique journey and the dreams of our peoples…

It is time to take ownership of our stories and it is for this reason that we salute the Heroes of Africa for taking creative ownership of a story that Ghana stands on. A story that honors Tetteh Quashie and how the Cocoa pod became a breadwinner, in the bread basket of Ghana…

A story that deserves to be told, wouldn’t you agree? As so many others screaming to be told.

We hope that this motivates not only filmmakers, but the people of Ghana and the people of Africa…

Support filmmakers, for filmmakers are carriers of our stories and our visions…

The Lion will have to tell its own story or the hunter will forever be king


At a short ceremony in Accra, the winners of the Yaa Asantewaa Odehye award of the Black Star International Film Festival, Heroes of Africa, were presented with the winning cheque of $1500.00

The award, designed to motivate local hardworking filmmakers, recognizes and awards the most outstanding Ghanaian film of the year submitted to the festival.

The 2020 award is supported by the Goethe Institute.

We say thank you to our award partner Goethe-Institut Ghana and to all the supporters of BSIFF2020

Even In a most difficult year, we recognize the importance of continuing to fight to provide a platform that amplifies our hardworking filmmakers

We call on all true supporters of the Arts to join the Black Star International Film Festival to help elevate and amplify the voice of independent filmmakers in Ghana, Africa and the world; and we say to all filmmakers, continue to scream your truth, especially at this time.

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#Yaamusings #JulietAsante #Yaaasantewa


One thought on “Where are the Heroes of Africa!

  1. Congratulations to the winners and we thank you for continuing to be a light and reminder to Africans that we need to step up.

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