The African crab

Interesting that on Valentine’s Day, I wake up thinking of a crab… but crabs are interesting creatures. Even when they appear in human forms, the crab people are most interesting! I am surrounded by a few and they are a study in emotional dexterity.

The story goes that one day the female crab wanted to mate; but she decreed, that alas, she would only mate with a male who walked straight.

After a long search, she finally found her Cupid arrow. Only to discover later, on a broken heart, that he, to win her heart, had knocked down a few shots.

Intoxication had done the trick… but very briefly. For soon, his natural strut manifested in his sideways gait, to the disheartenment of his dame

I was a bit confused as to what direction to take this. At first tempted to take it down the line of the many people who come into our lives pretending to be what they are not, that we soon find.

Or should I take it down the line of how we ourselves trim who we are to fit into someone else’s love box, or what we think society expects of us… I can go on, especially since today is so called vals day, we can perhaps reflect on our own love situations?

But I guess the most important of all, is how as a collective, we are totally lost in living a life alien to fit a narrative we have been fed.

As Africans, this is our problem. We practice a religion not ours, a form of government borrowed, fashion alien, cultural values imported, language foreign… hair implanted and cooked…

No matter how sideways we are naturally as a people, is our generations unborn forever going to wonder why they are so perfect? Why the untamed mane that comes through our scalp, even in our highest offices our Kings adorn some polish horse tail when the lion’s mane is ours to crown?

Self love is the highest form of love. May we reflect on our internal compass this vals day wherever we are and whichever role we are playing so ‘successfully’ at this very moment… perhaps May we ask for a long cold Apio… for it seems we need this intoxication to go on…

I woke up thinking about crabs today and I wonder why that is…? 🤔🤷🏾‍♀️

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone… I am asking on the side… who is Valentine again please? 🤔🏃🏾‍♀️🐝




2 thoughts on “The African crab

  1. Personally, I’ve never believed in Valentines Day, Christmas, Thanksgiving. I believe if you love a woman, let everyday be Valentines Day. Buy her chocolates whenever you want and as many times your heart desires. Don’t wait for one day to be special. So is Thanksgiving. Why do I have to wait for one day to cook and eat turkey or organize family getogethers? Let that happen regularly even if by phone. For Christmas I hardly celebrate. As I have stated before, we used to enjoy it as kids, because we would eat rice, chicken, cookies, cakes and drink soda. But in America we do this everyday. So I say everyday is Christmas. If its about making love on valentines day, nothing special, I’ll do it as long as it’s not pointing south and I can get it up any time of day or year. Happy Valentines day and eat some Golden Tree, proudly made in Ghana, African Union.

  2. I just got around to this read but as always I’m not at all disappointed. We hope and pray for self awakening not just for us but for our children and the generations to come. Keep them coming for they are needed and appreciated. Blessings always.

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