When citizens take a stand

The Yaa Asantewa Library project was set up as a citizen driven initiative to help Ghanaian children travel the world through books

Founded by Juliet Yaa Asantewa Asante, the goal is to stock libraries around the country or where there are no libraries, build container Libraries and stock it with exciting books from Ghana, African writers and the world to help children see and travel the world through books.

This is important because the culture of reading is going down and this will help bring it back up as well as help open up the minds of children beyond their environment and make them step more boldly into their future. Children need leisure and reading during leisure helps open up their minds to many other things not taught in the classroom.

It is also important that kids have a very calm and aesthetically beautiful space to retreat to. Not everyone has this at home and a minute to step aside in the day and step into another world is critical to the development of the Ghanaian child.

The project is something Ghanaians believe in and many people stepped forward to donate books and some money to set up and stock the Bawaleshie Library, working closely with the school. The opportunity for citizens to come together and work together like this to inspire and impact our children’s futures is also something beautiful. We are grateful to everyone who contributed to this initiative and will continue to do so

Let’s help Children to discover and travel the world through books. Let’s drum in how important it is for kids to read and keep reading. Let’s encourage our kids to dream of things, big things, things unknown, undiscovered and journeys of our fore fathers. Let’s help our children to travel the world through books

This is the goal of the Yaa Asantewa Library project. Please visit yaaasantewalibraryproject.org

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2 thoughts on “When citizens take a stand

  1. Juliet as always much gratitude and respect for all that you do . In my eyes and I’m sure that of many others you are a Trailblazer. Keep following your heart and vision.

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