International travel and all you need to know when traveling to Ghana: Covid era

I am now clear, that deliberate action is what has saved Ghana from disaster during this terrible COVID period!

Getting into Ghana these days is a process guys… a deliberate process! Can’t say that I am all for it… it is annoying and cumbersome and the communication during the process is terrible and the airlines have taken a hands off approach… but overall, it has worked and so we must commend it!

If you travel in and out of the beautiful country of Ghana, on the west coast of Africa, follow this post closely!

Going out is almost a breeze… there is a testing center at the airport. You may get your rapid or whatever test there… no worries or better style, type testing in Ghana and many options will come up. My best is a testing center at East legon. For 250ghc, the PCR test is a breeze with prompt and efficient communication too! 😅

Now coming in…

– get your PCR test! At least 72 hours before your travel (I think!) – remember that not all covid testing centers abroad offer this, so you may have to shop around. Some offer it for free and results time vary… so beware! The pcr test is a more detailed testing process I understand and boy will your nose tingle…

– Now go to and pay for your testing for when you get into Ghana (this means 2 test within a 48hr period! (50$ for Ghanaian | 150$ for non) I guess one test will definitely catch the virus if one misses it 😛… now also expect an email with a code which again you should print out. Look towards the very bottom of the email as where it is situated, it is easy to miss… you can have the print out, but without the code, you will go back home 🏡🤔😛🙄

– After you get the results, now go to this site and fill it out… you should be given a code. my advise is to print out the code. Also print out your test results oooo! Yooo

– To save yourself some time when you get into Ghana, perhaps also fill this out online as well…

Finally you travel! – 60% of those in the queue I was in didn’t get into the plane because of one step missed above… and the airlines are brutal with this because of the penalty fee if you show up into Ghana without any of the required…

And when you also get into Ghana, schedule your pickup for at least two hours I will say… another testing, lines, forms and more lines and checks and more lines! You get the drift. I hope this helps make your travel easier and for the life of me, I can’t understand why all the steps are not clarified somewhere! 🙆🏾‍♀️🤦🏾‍♀️🙄

See you in Ghana! Make sure to visit all the beautiful places by the sea, the forts and castles and the great food! THE PEOPLE IS JUST THE ICING ON THE CAKE 🍰! Akwaaba

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Well done Ghana 🇬🇭!

Thanks to my travel agent, Globetrotters for your guidance- +233 23 299 1877


One thought on “International travel and all you need to know when traveling to Ghana: Covid era

  1. Good morning and thanks for the heads up the information will definitely take away some of the errors that we are all trying to learn and adjust to. Enjoy your day.

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