This weekend I learnt a very important lesson. After a very vibrant 3 hour church session, I set off to my home. The route was clear in my mind.

My chosen place of worship is a very small community church at Dome, Praise power chapel. I don’t hope it stays small, but I do hope it stays true and real to the people. That’s why I go there when I go…

My route will take me via Winsconsin, to Ritz junction and straight down, the same route that brought me here, will take me back!!!

But for some reason, I decided to use Google. Before I knew it, it was taking me through Achimota, GIMPA… what’s going on?! But I kept going…
Main N1, bypass, motorway… then through Spintex and on a clear route, I was 10minutes from home already!!!

The importance of letting go and trusting the flow of things, wasn’t lost on me. I am not saying trust Google! 😆 we all know where that can lead us sometimes…

…But trusting the universe, going with the flow, trusting the ultimate and not fretting about the small stuff and not getting stuck on a particular outcome so much as not to be flexible. This is a lesson that I first captured clearly as a film Director… plan as meticulously before a film. Your ability to let go and flow during the actual birthing of the story though is what finally makes magic… sometimes life takes you in a direction unexpected…

Stepping back sometimes takes you to your destination faster. To my navigating mind, going from Dome to East Legon, shouldn’t be taking me towards GIMPA and Tema… but allowing myself to go further away from my path, clarified my path, lead me to a better route and to my destination faster.

Sometimes when you are too close to an issue or circumstances, it pays to gain a bird’s eye 👁 view of things to help determine the best road to your destination and to remain flexible with your journey…

I hope these pop out lessons to me will benefit your own path…

Blessed week

#yaamusings #julietasante #yaaasantewa #thelongroad

And finally when I got home, my boys had decided to make me Fufu! So Fufu was waiting for me la! 😜

(for those who do not know, fufu is a Ghanaian delicacy which involves the pounding of cassava into a dough like substance to eat with soup )

May the Universe serve you unexpected goodies!


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