Will the programmed ever reset the program?

Program is the order of things… for isn’t life a program?
The sun rises and sets like clockwork – the creator must have programmed it so

Your body knows when to breathe and eat and put out waste – the creator must have programmed it so

The seasons know when to turn – the creator must have programmed it so

The trees know when to shed – the creator must have programmed it so

My cat is a very unique program! 😆

We as creators from the creator understand this at the very core of our being and we seek to program as well all around us… our children, society, school, laws and rules… sometimes successfully or unsuccessfully we even try to program and reprogram ourselves – it is possible after all…

The key channels for programming are the senses…

What we see
What we hear
What we feel
What we taste
What we smell

They all generate emotions – the blood of programming that shrouds your creativity to generate exactly what the program intends


AND THIS IS WHY AFRICA NEEDS TO PAY ATTENTION TO FILM! It impacts all the above and is one of the most important vehicle for external programming…

The images you see
What you hear
How it makes you feel
The emotions it generates

What emotions do you think is generated when your little girl sits infront of the TV every day and never sees herself…

What emotions do you think you generate when you see others (not like you) do all the amazing things and you are only portrayed as a failure?

And do you for one second think that those who program the program to generate those emotions that end up programming your entire life, response system and filter do it perchance?

For at the core of us, programmed to think life is limits not limitless, all we do is see walls that don’t really exist and then all we do is repeat our programming to those who come after us… it is a vicious cycle 😊

When will Ghana 🇬🇭
When will Africa sit at the table and think about a reset to our program?

We are programmed to think it is business as usual… BUT IT IS NOT 🥂💥

Have a fun filled day and do program yourself to smile often 😊


For the castles are as real as you think them and there must be a reason we call what we see on television 📺 – TV program

– Juliet Yaa Asantewa Asante

Pics credit – some online


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