The Eagle and the Fly

The eye of the eagle

The eagle and the fly both have their role to play…

As the eagle goes about envisioning and working and building… it is the job of the fly to find the choosiest meat the eagle has found and to break it down… and so the work of the fly begins when it lands on the meat the eagle has found. The fly poops Margots on the meat and the rotting process begins…

A much needed process… for it is only by the fly breaking down the meat after the eagle has flown off, will the meat also be available to other organisms that thrive off the breaking down of the meat for their consumption…

The eagle must therefore understand the universal need for the fly and infact the critical help the fly brings for the entire ecosystem…

But the eagle must never focus on the fly… for what on earth is the eye of the eagle doing focusing on a fly… for not only will that be a travesty of creation, but it will confuse the very gods that birth both…

For the Fly can never be a pray for an Eagle no matter how annoying the fly makes itself

And so Let the eagle be the eagle and let the fly be the fly, for how else then will the heavens touch the earth 🌍

FLY EAGLE FLY for the heights you see require your eyes and your wings to stay the flight…

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2 thoughts on “The Eagle and the Fly

  1. We must learn to coexist for we each bring something unique to the table. As always thought provoking piece.

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