The Ghana film agenda and what you need to know…

Riddle Riddle…What has two legs, four hands and a massive tailwind?

Ghana has proclaimed a simple goal to position itself as a film and content hub as well as a shooting destination?… 🇬🇭

In a recent post, Marie Lorai-Mungai, the enabler of the 2021 Unesco report on – trends in the African film industry, – described Ghana as #Dynamic and #Strategic.

In an earlier comment she highlights Ghana’s strategy: “Under the leadership of Yaa Asantewa Asante (Juliet Asante), CEO of the National film Authority of Ghana, the West African country has been making moves to establish itself as a leading film destination on the continent.

  • Two years ago, Ghana launched the

ShootinGhana campaign to promote the diversity of its locations and its technical capacity.

  • Earlier this week at Sundance, it was
    announced that the upcoming sequel to box office hit “Girl Trip” starring Regina Hall, Queen Latifah, Jada Pinkett Smith, and Tiffany Haddish, and produced by Will Packer, would be set in Ghana.
    • I’m also hearing a rumor that Idris Elba might be considering backing a film studio project in the country.

Soon after, the famous Ghanain filmmaker, Idris Elba, visits H.E the President of Ghana and announces his upcoming studio and shoot. Idris is clear that this development is on the back of the hard-work of the National film Authority of Ghana. “The National Film Authority has done the work and put together a very comprehensive plan to propel Ghana 🇬🇭 to the forefront… “

Idris Elba and many others, have taken interest in our work and given us good feedback on the development of the Tax Incentive policy in development by the National Film Authority team, in consultation with the Ghana Revenue Authority.

The NFA was thorough in engaging key stakeholders to ensure that the policy preposition is aligned to global best practices to help make Ghana competitive enough in its pitch and We say thank you to all stakeholders and the many others who have contributed silently to this journey…

Like any foundational work, it is the building that springs up afterwards, that may even alert us to the amount of work that has gone on underground and so it is with excitement that we not only welcome some of the incoming announcements, but look forward to how the story unfolds over the coming years.

Ghana is standing on a two legs, four hands strategy – the power of 2s! Everything else falls under this strategy carefully thought through, laid out and pursued systematically by the National Film Authority over the last 3 years.

It is worth noting that the strategy, though designed without any recourse to the UNESCO report, aligns perfectly to the recommendations of the report and we continue to be grateful for the report and the timing of it…

The two muscled legs include:


I will explain in the coming weeks this riddle into more detail. Stay tuned in to understand the Ghana film agenda


Top Image designed by Leti Arts a Ghanaian film company


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